UNIMOKE Instagram Photo Contest: Win a LIMITED EDITION Unimoke!

UNIMOKE Instagram Photo Contest: Win a LIMITED EDITION Unimoke!

August 30, 2018

We JUST started our Grand Urban Drivestyle Instagram Photo Contest featuring your BEST MOMENTS with Unimoke . 

To kick it off really strong, we decided to give away the FIRST TWO  of our new LIMITED METALLIC EDITION of our UNIMOKE (Each worth 3890 Euros!) to the winners of the September and October runs of our ongoing Instagram and FB photo contest!

UNIMOKE cool metallic electric bike by Urban Drivestyle

How can I join the contest?

It is VERY easy to participate, just post your BEST UNIMOKE pictures on Instagram or Facebook and simply tag your photos with #unimoke and #unimokeLove and mention @urbandrivestyle and your are IN!


Instagram Photo Contest UNIMOKE Bike


Can friends or non owners also participate ?

If you do not have a UNIMOKE, you can book a free testride in Berlin, Amsterdam, Palma or Santa Monica and head out to get THAT winning shot!

If you have a friend with a UNIMOKE, you can take his and be part of our contest!

And if you have NONE of those options, just SHARE a picture you love from our Instagram, facebook page or website and write a nice caption about WHY you want this UNIMOKE... do not forget to tag #unimokelove and #unimoke and to mention @urbandrivestyle!


Winning Picture Tutorial

You are totally free to share and post any picture you love with your UNIMOKE, but it may help to read the following informational tutorial about how make that WINNING shot!

There’s a certain general style we like at Urban Drivestyle and we wanted to share that inside info with all of you here:


On a steel horse I ride...

If you are posing stationary on your UNIMOKE, try to get that special posture that works for you. After all, you are sitting on a steel horse, ready to conquer the world...

UNIMOKE in Mellowpark Berlin, by Urban Drivestyle

Epic Places 

Show off where the UNIMOKE can take you! Whether it’s in a city, during vacation or somewhere out in the wild, we love seeing just how far and where you went with your UNIMOKE. Do not forget to also tag your location in your post.!

UNIMOKE cool electric bike


Kids, Family and all

UNIMOKE is designed to be a family transport, so show it with your kids, your dog, your wife or all of you! Those pictures are always high up on the list for shares, likes and comments!

UNIMOKE cool electric moped with trailer


Show the Action

Photos of bikes can look really static unless you are riding, turning and moving fast. Speed comes through in the photo so go fast and lean wit’ it. Only go as fast as you feel comfortable though!

UNIMOKE doing doughnut in the sand electric bike


Have Fun

A lot of the time riders like to get their stank face on as they ride.  Let out a smile and show that you are having fun. The same goes for posing pictures...

Girls on UNIMOKE electric bike on Mallorca


Catch the scene, not the bike

Often, it is a great move to catch a certain special moment and scene without too much focusing on the bike... 

Franky having a break with UNIMOKE


Go Fast 

Slow down that shutter speed and capture a little motion blur as the rider flies down the road, the beach or wherever you are. Beautiful motion blur gives us all the feels.

UNIMOKE moving fast, cool electric bike


 Show off the Bike

We’re suckers over here for a beautiful photo of the UNIMOKE. If you want an easy way to get featured on our Instagram, this is definitely one. Great details, cool backdrops, whatever comes in your mind. 

Cool picture of the UNIMOKE electric bike

Find unique Light 

Locations and backdrops where the light interacts with the shadows or texture in unique ways always helps when creating a good photo. Learn to play with that light to craft stunning images.

Urban electric bike UNIMOKE in Berlin


Get Creative

Look for creative ways to shoot. Get up high, get down low, or use repeating lines, graphical elements or scale. We love it when we see someone thinking outside the box with their camera and their bike


E-Bike urban UNIMOKE cool


Golden Hour

Your photos will always turn out better when you shoot at sunset or sunrise. When everyone else is rushing home or being lazy on the couch, get out there and capture photos during the best part of the day.

Girls riding a UNIMOKE cool electric bike


Epic Moments

Share those epic moments with others! Be it a great family trip, special moments with your kids or friends... Everyone has those moments on UNIMOKE, so show them off!

UNIMOKE electric bike


Tell a untold story

Often, the best photos are the ones telling an untold story, making people stop scrolling and think, maybe even ask questions or wondering what and why it happened in that picture... Where is that WULF coming from?

UNIMOKE with would in Netherlands, electric bike


Show off your bells and whistles

There a no two Unimokes alike and some already have reached a cult status for their customisation. Viewers LOVE to see what you can do with a UNIMOKE, so show them off...

Modiefied UNIMOKE on the beach


Pro-Tip: Caption and Tagging 

When posting to facebook or Instagram always write a nice caption/ description about the image and even ask questions like "How do you like my bike/photo/gadget?" to encourage people to interact and comment. 

Also, you may ask them to share or repost to get a higher chance of winning.


To get a LOT more interaction and likes, make use of proper tagging: Besides of tagging @urbandrivestyle and #unimoke #unimokeLove, use 5-15 describing tags like #funbike #electricmoped #beachcruiser #bikingwithkids #urbanbike #biketrailer etc. describing your image!

#Keep Posting Frequency in check

We know it is sometimes tempting to post a LOT of pictures on Instagram and Facebook after a great shooting... But be aware that you do not want to annoy your friends and family, so the best is to post 1-3 pictures per day... After all, you have a full month between the drawings, use it!

Another good TRICK is to create a second profile on Instagram to keep your private profile unclustered!

NOW grab that camera

We hope that short blog helped you to get a better idea of what we are looking for and NOW grab that camera and your UNIMOKE and have some fun!

The UD Photo Contest will be ongoing and there will be great things waiting for the winner end of each month. To kick it off really strong, we decided to give away the FIRST two of our new UNIMOKE METALLIC editions to the winners of the September and October runs!

Our Jury will select the coolest photos we have chosen to feature on our @unimokefan and UNIMOKE owners group page based on number of likes, comments, image quality and reach.

Read all the details