CaptainCargo: A new breed of compact cargo e-bike!

CaptainCargo: A new breed of compact cargo e-bike!

Januar 22, 2018

When we started designing the UNIMOKE e-bike in December 2016, we had utility and daily urban operations in mind. Already in early 2017, we started our cooperation with the German trailer specialist to add more cargo space to the UNIMOKE.

A bit later, we started adding special cargo racks and front racks to our product and never really stopped to think about what could be the best e-bike for hauling people and stuff around.

Normal "Long John" bikes never convinced us, as they are a pain to store and park. And why ride around with a super long bike while the cargo area is unused? Trailers always felt like the much more flexibel and easier solution.

Trailers are great- in theory!

When we started using trailers, we were always very happy with the way they handle and with their flexibility... BUT:

Somehow, they were never there when you needed them! And who wants to tow an empty trailer around all day JUST IN CASE? 

So we figured that somehow a foldable trailer could be the solution and Daniel, our engineer went on to tackle the task... and VOILA: It works just great...

With our new foldable trailer, we now still have a very compact bike that can be converted into a real cargo bike in just a few seconds!

Upright storage option

The folding transport trailer also allows you to park your UNIMOKE CaptainCargo bike in an upright position, a great feature for anyone with limited parking space at home. Just flipp it up, secure it the wall and done...

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