September 04, 2018

Many of our owners love the UNI MOKE urban electric bike as a perfect replacement for a moped or small vespa type scooter. 

And yes, the UNI MOKE electric urban bike offers the best of both worlds: 

Strong and powerful enough to carry two persons if needed, cool vintage moped touch-and-feel and a great seating position combined with the TOTAL freedom of a bicycle:

Biking with kids in the city can be a challenge sometimes, but with your UNIMOKE, it is actually a lot of fun.
The super long seat of the UNIMOKE allows you to seat one kid in front and one in the rear. With accessories like child seats, foot rests, belts and trailers, your UNIMOKE is a real compact family van!
Biking with kids: Cool electric cargo bike for your familyBiking with kids in a cool electric cargo bike for your family
Biking with kids: How to mount a child seat on a cargo bike
biking with kids: Urban utility cargo e-bike
Kids on a bicycle: Safe with UNIMOKE cargo bike
Cycling with kids: UNIMOKE family cargo bike
Cycling with kids: UNIMOKE family cargo bike

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